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The CFO Virtual Agenda returns in June bringing together an exclusive community of the most senior CFOs, Finance Directors and Heads of Finance from the comfort of their own home. ​

Co-developed by CFOs and FDs from some of the world’s largest companies, the CFO Virtual Agenda is uniquely positioned to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to navigate these uncertain times, safeguard businesses and remain agile to drive business growth in the future. ​

The event provides an opportunity for CFOs to look at strategic top line topics across the panel discussions and keynotes, but also to deep dive into more technical topics during the interactive roundtables and workshops.

CFO Virtual Agenda will focus on the topics that are at most important to any finance leader when strategically planning the future of their company. As businesses begin to move from mere survival to both stability and in some cases growth the topics at the heart of these discussions is also changing. CFOs are again taking a strategic, well throughout stance on their business and are no longer making rapid, short term decisions. CFOs are no longer here to report on past performance and are very much at the helm helping to guide and influence the future of the business. As the custodians of data they are centrally placed with access to all of the information that will shape future decisions. ​

Whilst lessons learnt will always help shape future strategy, this event will move beyond simply reporting on the past and instead help to build the future of the finance function. Covering topics such as the full digitisation journey, future working environments, diversity, risk and scenario planning. These topics will have a future looking lens and help support the CFO on their journey forwards, as this is where an successful CFOs focus will be. ​

Complementing these high level strategic topics will also be in-depth interactive sessions focusing on the technical detail required of any CFO to successfully support their business. It is the in depth user led sessions that will also enable CFOs to network with their peers, share their own successes and challenges, and most importantly help to build their networks, an element that is previously sorely missed in the virtual environment. ​

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